Morning Pages: An Untamed State

Is it possible to be a novice at something you’ve been doing for years? Yoga instruction books explain the normalities of those newbies beginning yoga practices. ?Understanding the body is essential to yoga practice and in the early stages of yoga, the body unleashes a reliable yet unexpected stream of energy. ?This may help explain […]

The Writer’s Id, Ego, and Super Ego

Over the weekend I ran into someone I knew from college. ?Someone who went on to become a physician and married a lawyer and wore really nice clothes with a cool, slick satin tie. ?As we exchanged expected pleasantries, and that pause came, signaling questions were coming I braced myself: So, Lisa, what do you […]

Writers’ Greed

On so many levels, this explains my intrepid spirit to go, do, be, feel, experience anything and everything. And simultaneously, the sardonic evil emotional twin that accompanies this. I would argue, however, that my writers’ greed has another contradicting face: the voracious need for community.

Writing Poem, Untitled

Being a writer is like guaranteeing the stone will skip clear across the lake -impossible- halving an alligator thick harvest squash with nothing but a plastic butter knife -impossible- Writing is looking up in the cafe when the coffee goers are gone, listening to the tired busboy with no tips rattle the dishes in the […]

무료 바카라 게임The Long View

As a child, I knew that I would someday pick up photography as a hobby.? I never envisioned myself as a photographer – always a writer – but there was something about the power that a photograph can hold.? The way you can view a photo from a time that you don’t remember as a […]