Morning Pages: Sexual Violence, Advocacy, and Spiritual Endurance

There is it. The word, the “A” word: advocate. In my early days of being an advocate and educator for survivors of rape and sexual violence, I thought it primarily described my role as being a voice in times of silence. ?Silence during invasive rape examination kits, I would be an advocate with my eyes […]

Morning Pages: You Can’t Always Get What You Want, but Why Not?

The reading this morning is especially powerful but the same line always renders me confused: Ask for whatever you want and it shall be given. He must mean something more than just this simple message because the human comprehension of it isn’t true. ?Not everything we want is given. ?Is there something more? Yesterday a […]

Political Theology: Catholic Spirituality and Drones

At every intersection of political examination of conscience, I come to the word peace and rummage in my mind for an spiritual reasoning that explains why I have never heard the word “drone” in any Catholic space or conversation. ?I suppose because most Catholics, ?sitting upon the words “political” and “reflection” come to the two […]

무료 바카라 게임Mary Magdalen as a Sex Positive Therapist: What Catholic Women Can Learn from the Most Misunderstood Figure in the New Testament

One of the mystifying aspects of my studying the US mainstream feminist movement has been the “sex positive” feminists. ?In my cursory reading of it (I nearly exclusively read authors on women of color feminism and poetry), my general understanding of it comes from the 1980s Sex Pos movement which came as a – somewhat […]

Lent is About Trying…and Trying Again

It’s well past 9pm and I’m on the internet. I have not been able to keep off the internet as I resolved this Lent. In both success and failure there is always a lesson. These are my lessons thus far from going 0-2 in my Lenten vows: 1) How we unwind at night is not […]