I’ve taken a moment to look at this website. ?An archive of passed time, of used-tos and remember whens. I’ve been reading my bad poetry! ?It’s so sincere. ?I can still see the places where I didn’t understand symbolism or metaphor quite clearly enough to make it work. ?But I wrote it nonetheless. ?I’m either […]

A Poem on Not Understanding: “God’s BiPolar”

God’s bipolar. weeping in our losses laughing a second later savoring our whispered prayers all the while maintaining a deep secret of identity shroud in possibility shouldering the accusations and disbeliefs we hurl at It. nodding shrugging dipping Its fingers in the ocean –holy schizophrenia– From a distance, yet next door It voyeurs wars and […]

Writing Poem, Untitled

Being a writer is like guaranteeing the stone will skip clear across the lake -impossible- halving an alligator thick harvest squash with nothing but a plastic butter knife -impossible- Writing is looking up in the cafe when the coffee goers are gone, listening to the tired busboy with no tips rattle the dishes in the […]

In/side Out/Side

When my 2 year old says in he really means out he lives in e s r e v e r and so when i feel in/sane in/secure i wonder if maybe if I am in e s r e v e r too And life e f i l is meant to be lived […]

Digital Poetry

Sometimes my passion for photography, art, and poetry collide on Fridays and I make some digital collage with poems on them. Lately, I’ve been ruminating about technology and connection. The way Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, and online communities have brought energy, community, and information to my life. And, with some unexplained twinge of sadness, I think […]