Morning Pages: Condemnation, Forgiveness, Righteousness

As I read today’s reading I’m thinking about condemnation and what all this means about judgement. ?I’m still absorbing the news about Elliot Rodger who killed six other people in his self-loathing and misogyny. He already was full of self condemnation, there is nothing further one can feel when already filled with self hate. ?Even […]

Morning Pages: Sexual Violence, Advocacy, and Spiritual Endurance

There is it. The word, the “A” word: advocate. In my early days of being an advocate and educator for survivors of rape and sexual violence, I thought it primarily described my role as being a voice in times of silence. ?Silence during invasive rape examination kits, I would be an advocate with my eyes […]

Morning Pages: An Untamed State

Is it possible to be a novice at something you’ve been doing for years? Yoga instruction books explain the normalities of those newbies beginning yoga practices. ?Understanding the body is essential to yoga practice and in the early stages of yoga, the body unleashes a reliable yet unexpected stream of energy. ?This may help explain […]

Morning Pages: You Can’t Always Get What You Want, but Why Not?

The reading this morning is especially powerful but the same line always renders me confused: Ask for whatever you want and it shall be given. He must mean something more than just this simple message because the human comprehension of it isn’t true. ?Not everything we want is given. ?Is there something more? Yesterday a […]

Political Theology: Catholic Spirituality and Drones

At every intersection of political examination of conscience, I come to the word peace and rummage in my mind for an spiritual reasoning that explains why I have never heard the word “drone” in any Catholic space or conversation. ?I suppose because most Catholics, ?sitting upon the words “political” and “reflection” come to the two […]

We’re Moving to New York

We’re moving to New York. I’m going into an MFA program in literary nonfiction at Columbia University. Our life is nuts. Lines are blurring. Days are running together. Our house is up for sale. We keep driving to New York to investigate and make decisions. Life is…nuts. This pic is a reflection in the window. […]

One Act Play: Am I a Hipster?

Am I a Hipster: A One Act Play About Moving To New York Setting: Dinner Table, Spring Night in Cleveland 6:30pm Two parents, one four year old eating a huge bowl of chocolate pudding for dessert Empty plates in front of everyone, cleaned from a night of chicken burritos. Nick: I was pinged by one […]

Sugar Cleanse Letters, Day 2

Dear adrienne, Forgive the staccato, unrelated points in this letter with no transition: it’s day 2 and I’m noticing everything. ?My ability, though, to put it all together, is nil. I notice how after I eat, even when I’m satisfied and no longer hungry, I notice the Want comes alive. ?I Want something crunchy, salty […]

Sugar Cleanse Ain’t Just About the Sugar

After the book tour and consuming countless hours of facilitated dialogues about healing, suffering, and trauma, I decide to go on a sugar cleanse. ?To be truthful, I don’t know why, but in my body, I feel the need to release things that aren’t mine. ?I’m not sure it’s possible to explain it well over […]

무료 바카라 게임A Selfish Lent, An Easter of Joy

It’s been a selfish Lent, and I liked it that way. While the rest of the Catholic world pined and prayed away their 40 days on sacrifice, obligation, “giving it up to the Lord,” and fasting on their human favorite goodies like alcohol, chocolate, and bad words, I’ve done something I’ve never done before: I […]