Summer Hits

It takes me several days to realize that June has arrived.? Once that realization hits, summer hits, and then, seemingly, out of nowhere, I hear grocery store shoppers comment as they slowly push their carts in sadness, “Can you believe how fast the summer is going?? It’s almost the fourth of July.”

Those are moments I’d love to ask strangers, “Summer officially began June 21.? It’s June 28.? It’s only been a week.? What are we being so dramatic about?”

Summer hits and just as it does, people are already sad that it’s coming to a close.

I don’t get it.

These days of dawg heavy humidity have Nick, Isaiah, and I on the go.? We just returned from good ol’ Russia after a lovely wedding on Nick’s side of the family for which I photographed the reception.? It was Isaiah’s first wedding and he was a pretty good guest at the table.? He didn’t eat any food.? He didn’t hassle the bartender for stronger drinks.? He didn’t complain to the DJ, asking, “Why aren’t you playing my song?”? No inappropriate moves on the dance floor.? He was a perfect gentleman, except for the fact he didn’t wear shoes.? Most gentlemen wore shoes to formal events.? Isaiah needs to see his toes, feel the air on those little piggies.? So he dressed up for the occasion, sans footwear.

This week we are heading to New Jersey to spend time with some close friends of ours and relax on the Atlantic coast.? This will be Isaiah’s first real roadtrip.? (I consider anything over 4 hours a roadtrip.? Anything under is a just a mere car ride.)? We have no idea how he will be, but this will be the first time he will be upgraded to first class seating with his new convertible car seat.

I tell you.? Life is all about the little things.

Gerber Head is just too adorable these days.? Sometimes I just want to roll him in sugar and take a bite out of him, he looks so scrumptiously sweet.? This weekend he enjoyed Borchers family worship in Russia.? His grandparents, uncles, and aunt were there to provide an abundant supply of affection and stares into his big brown eye wells of love and innocence.

Latest developments in babyland: he is scooting!? Backward!? I think he learned that from Tita (“aunt”) Carmen, fitness extraordinaire, who taught him leg lifts.? She did reps with him in sets of four.? Aigh nako.? (Tagalog expression for, basically, Oh my LORD!/OMG/Good heavens)

Latest developments in adultland: packing, shopping, planning for our big trip to the Atlantic coast.? First family roadtrip.

Random piece of news update:? We’re having a landscaper come out and tame our jungle look at our property.? Have I mentioned how Shaker Heights is the queen of celebrating landscapes?? There would be no surprises in this family if our block threw us an appreciation party for even having someone take a look at our pachysandra disaster.? I’ll keep you posted.