I’ve been recovering from some nasty virus this week. Doctor said it’s just one of those things you catch during spring that makes you feel like you’re underwater and can’t hear anything cause your ears are plugged, like your legs weigh 8726 lbs because they’re achy and heavy, like it’s middle of summer because of a low grade fever, like you’re part robot part frog because of laryngitis, like you want to suffocate yourself with your own pillow because you are miserable.

But, I’m slowly getting better.

Nick had to take a couple days off from work to take care of Isaiah so I don’t breathe on him at all.


So, this week hasn’t been the greatest and, from the inside of my house, it looks to be a beautiful spring. Too gosh darn bad I’m allergic to it.

Don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers (unless you’re allergic to the pollen, like me.)

Isaiah certainly has.