And It Went PING!

What possessed me to order a large soda at the CAVS game yesterday is beyond me. I hadn’t had caffeine in over a year, not since I was pregnant, and suddenly, I decide – in some sort of a daze – that WILD CHERRY PEPSI was a fantastic idea to wake me up to witness some Lebron magic.

After scoring CAVS tickets from my friend, Alexis, as a belated birthday gift, Nick and I enjoyed an adults-only afternoon and dinner, courtesy of Alexis who supplied the tickets and my mom who supplied childcare.

The game was unexpectedly thrilling as the Sacramento Kings kept it interesting. Although, the most interesting part of the game had nothing to do with the game. After my bulb of brilliance went off and I slurped down my drink and immediately began to have a headache, I heard a sharp PING! noise from the floor and felt Nick tense up and began looking frantically through the legs and feet of strangers sitting around us.

Hyped from our favorite legal drug of choice, I shouted a caffeinated, “DID YOU JUST DROP YOUR WEDDING RING? HERE? AT THE Q? HERE?! IN THE NOSEBLEED SECTION?!”

The man next to us looked at me. His eyebrows went soaring. The men in front of us sensed troubled and Nick asked them to look down at their feet for his ring. As they fished around for Nick’s half of fidelity, affection, and honor, I muttered obscenities into the popcorn and furiously slurped even faster. The Wild Cherry was wild indeed.

Luckily (for Nick) it was retrieved and returned to his fourth finger. Of course, my motor mouth couldn’t stop running, “JUST PUT IT ON AND KEEP IT ON!”

This would be a hilarious time to mention that I do NOT have my wedding ring on either. I took it off when I was pregnant because my hands were often swollen and I have yet to put it back on.

Caffeinated hypocrite, you could call me.