Some Updates

Some bullet updates:

Saturday, January 2: Umbilical cord fell out while Nick was changing Isaiah! Hooray! Sponge baths are over. Hello glorious baths.

Sunday, January 3: St. Dominic’s Sunday mass bulletin announced Isaiah’s birth to the whole congregation.

Monday, January 4: Isaiah’s 2 week doctor appointment went great. He was described as “mellow,” with “great skin and color” and overall “looking fantastic!”

Tuesday, January 5: We solidified Isaiah’s baptism date – Sunday, January 24! Bring on the Holy Spirit!

Wednesday, January 6: Um, ok – hard lesson. Isaiah doesn’t like peanut butter, anything too greasy, or pizza. He fusses and gets a little skin irritation. Bad mom. Back to bland foods…
No more Wendy’s…

Thursday, January 7: His first bath. Oh, you should have seen me and Nick climbing in and out of the tub, nervous as hell and as clumsy as a first graders. Also – first visitors tonight to watch the Alabama/Texas Nat’l Championship game. Uncle Brian and Christina are coming over. Thank goodness! My social exposure is just as bad as my sleep deprivation.

Also, I finally drove today for the first time in two and a half weeks! Ah, the open road! The FM pop music! Target! The grocery store! Strangers who don’t know I just had a baby! No pregger belly that everyone tries to pat or stare at! It was invigorating!