A few months ago, Nick got a storage box from home. It was heading toward the trash and we salvaged it, thinking we could use it for Isaiah’s things. Nick didn’t tell me right away what the storage box looked like. He just said, “Just come see it.”

It was a barn.


Well, that’s kinda cute, I guess.

We took it home and put some baby clothes in it, hand me downs from Isaiah’s cousins who quickly outgrew of barely used some of the outfits.

I forgot about the barn the past few months.

Then, last night, Nick and I headed to a good-bye party for one of my co-workers who was moving to Boston with her husband and 7 month old son. It was a special party. You weren’t allowed to bring gifts and you had to take a “treasure” with you. Meaning, the things they couldn’t take to Boston were up for grabs. There were some pretty nice items including deck furniture, shelves, books, trinkets, frames, unused clothes and jewelry…I was busy sorting through the frames and ransacking the unopened spice bottles when Nick calls me across the room, “Leese! Do you think that’s up for grabs?” He’s pointing near my feet.

I look down and don’t see anything.

“Where? Which one are you talking about?”

He points again, “That one!”

I look and see some sort of vintage, Fisher Price box that I thought was garbage.

Oh, this thing? I ask.

“Yes!” Nick was so excited, I honestly didn’t know how to react to his excitement over this dirty box.

But it was no box.

It was a BARN.

He explains as his eyeballs roll over it, “We had one just like this when we were kids!”

Oh. Ok. So you want it, then?


So, we bring it home and I say that it’s an interesting toy. The barn doors open to a Moooooooooooooooo sound. It came complete with animals and tools to play with.

As we are leaving, Nick gathers bags of treasures – books, spices, a baby swing, a frame, and countless little things I can cook with.

But he’s most excited about the barn.

I wondered what was up with the barn theme. Then I heard him introduce himself to someone at the party, “I didn’t grow up on a farm, but I’m definitely a farm boy.”

Well, that explains it.