The New Schedule

Nick, Isaiah, and I have been bumped up on to the 2 weeks rotation for seeing our doctor.

This morning, Nick and I went to the doc, eager to see how Isaiah was doing and what her diagnosis would be for the bug in my system.

It seems like the regular common, nasty, horrible cold with accompanying cough. I’m supposed to watch my temperature in case this turns into anything that resembles the flu, but it’s unlikely that that is what I have. My temperature was normal, my lungs sounded clear, and I have no runny nose. Apparently, those are the big three for causes of concern.

But, I’m to rest, rest, rest and drink drink drink liquids until I feel better.

Other interesting news to report is Isaiah F. Borchers is measuring a bit big for almost 30 weeks. Doc said we have to keep an eye on him and possibly take a look with an ultrasound later to see just how big he is getting.

If he is either too impatient or too big to wait until his 1.1.10 due date and possibly forsake his early fame of getting in the paper for being the first baby of 2010, either Nick or I are to blame. If it’s impatience, blame the mother. If his limbs are just too sticking big and he’s breech because his feet are like paddles, blame the father.