Last Trimester and Life Insurance

It’s Friday and I can’t emphasize enough how grateful I am to the calendar for making another Friday appear so quickly. Lately, I have been fighting droopy eyes and the deep urge to crawl into anything that resembles a chair and let my head rest and fall asleep.

Nick can attest that the passenger seat in our car has seen many hours of my dozing off like I’m a baby and the Accord is my crib.

As the third trimester begins, I can hear the trumpets blaring in the sky and the archangels singing that THE END IS NEAR! The final months of bun-in-the-oven are coming to a close.

But —

not so fast.

It’s still a little over 2.5 months away. That’s still a lot of pregnancy left in my life.

So I find myself making lists of what needs to get done and, believe it or not, have no problems with Christmas and the holidays coming early this year. YES. Christmas. It’s already on my mind.


Because up the street there was a case of swine flu. And small little outbreaks of it are surfacing here in Shaker Heights, making me more nervous than Nick feels before the Michigan game. And while I’m probably going to end up getting the vaccine, I’m not completely confident that pumping a small dose of God only knows what into my body, permeating the environment of Isaiah’s little world, is 100% safe. But, going out into crowds is not 100% safe either.

As much as I love ambling around commerical stores in November and December – elbowing small children in my haste to grab the last toy for my nephews or peering for hours into holiday decorated windows at the mall – I don’t think it’s that safe for me to be around local crowds. Not when the swine flu is suspiciously active in this area. I considered buying a medical mask and drawing little holiday berries and holly on it, Nick adamantly said NO.

So, I’m looking for Christmas to come early for me this year. As in, I’m going to start shopping right after Halloween. Yes, I am that person this year.

I don’t care what people think. If you were beginning to waddle around, keep one hand on your belly, and just getting in and around the Giant Eagle was beginning to make you a wee bit tired, you’d want to be ahead of the holidays this year as well.

Plus, the percentage of clothes that fit me is dwindling. I think I’m down to 20% of my wardrobe is wearable, decent, and public safe. By November, I don’t know if I’ll have any clothes left that will fit me. I don’t want to look like a eggroll, tightly wrapped in clothes that won’t let me breathe. I seem to have forgotten what it feels like to actually zip something up, or wear anything that is not bandy, elastic, or blows like a flag with the fall wind. There are days where I feel like a cow wrapped in huge poncho.

Other news…

Nick and I met with an insurance guy yesterday. We now have life insurance. There was something about that meeting that was midly depressing. It’s not like the idea of dying brings me comfort or the thought of being a widow makes me jump for joy. I was quiet, signed at all the x’s and then shook Mr. Insurance’s hand. After he left, I looked at Nick who was as happy as a clam because L-O-V-E-S getting things done and crossing one more thing off of his TO DO list. He was humming and yelled over his shoulder, “Now we can die!”

Awesome, I replied morosely.

I hate when he says things like that. Must he always look on the bright side of everything?