Letter # 1 – About 3 Months to Go

Dear Isaiah,

You are almost 26 weeks old and we are almost exiting the second trimester together. You and I, if you haven’t noticed, are in this together.

I’ve been enjoying our morning talks about the world, my observations about the kind of life you might lead. I do apologize for the random profane words that shoot out of my mouth from time to time which disrupt our profound conversations. You see, my son, I am usually driving when we have our talks and sometimes a disgustingly irresponsible driver will cut me off or turn without signaling or speed by me and, involuntarily, your mouthy mom goes off.

Your father does an excellent job of telling me to calm down and, for the most part, I have. I drive in the right hand lane, rarely go above 5 miles past the speed limit and, instead of barreling through yellow traffic lights as I used to, now come to a complete stop without acting as if I’m in the Indy 500.

You’ve been quite a lovely baby to oven. I like when you’re tumbling around in there, doing whatever it is your doing. Your father says that if he were you, he’d spend a lot of time playing with the umbilical cord, studying its flexibility and seeing what tricks he could do with it. That sounds fine, except just don’t put it around your neck. That’s one of my fears.

We’re getting your room ready and this morning, I just sat in there, staring at all these little gifts, slowly appearing in your room, waiting for you. Sometimes, I just really can’t believe you’re on your way. You’ll be here before we know it and neither me or your dad can wait. We’re so excited and talk about you all the time.

Today at work someone commented to me, “Guess what’s in 3 months?” I shrugged and she said, “Christmas Eve!” That sounded absurd, but it’s true. In about 3 months, it’ll be Christmastime and you’ll be nearly here. Sometimes when people say time-sensitive comments like that, it just brings your reality that much closer. 3 months. That’s not far away at all.

Well, I hope you enjoy our activity this evening. I am going to try pre-natal yoga and see if it is all its cracked up to be. Maybe you’ll benefit from some of my deep breathing and stretching. If you don’t like it, I’m sure you’ll let me know. You certainly let me know your thoughts the other night after I ate spicy Thai food.

I’ll be more considerate in the future.