August, I Love You

This week has been normal.

I love writing that sentence.

Sometimes the routine of life can help one relax, breathe easy, and appreciate the itty bitty grains of awesomeness in August. Like how AMAZING the weather has been, holding steady at 70ish degrees this week with pure sunshine.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about what kind of weather announcer I would be. Channel 5 news would definitely have higher ratings because all I would do is squeal and yell YES YES YES when there’s a beautiful day on the horizon. I don’t know much about jetstream or northeast winds pushing whatever into whereever region. But I DO know how to be excited for cool August weather.

I’d also announce the weather wearing sunglasses.

This week has had a little rumbling of busy-ness throughout it. One of Nick’s coworkers is moving and so we, along with our pals, are planning a goodbye party for her this evening. Tomorrow, Kelly and Tim Norris will be hiking it up to Cleveland for a wedding so we’ll get to chill with them for a few hours before their wedding. Then tomorrow evening we have a BBQ to attend. Sunday, both Nick and I are helping chaperone/drive/be with a bunch of highschool cats who are spending the day at Cedar Point. Now, other than the ferris wheel, there isn’t much for me to ride at the greatest amusement park on earth. But, that fact does no stop me from going where I will have access to funnel cakes and elephant ears.

So, we’re back in the groove of our lives and as Nick often says, “I’m just excited, you know, for life!”