Missing Nick and Michael

Photo taken 6/21/09, Filipino Festival in Cleveland

It’s amazing all that can happen in 10 days when you don’t blog.

In addition to Jan and Rog Borchers coming to visit us in Cleveland, Nick and I attending the Cleveland Filipino Festival, my friend Alexis who I worked with in Boston last year moving to Cleveland last week, having 10th row at a New Kids on the Block concert!, seeing the movie “State of Play” (mildly good, entertaining, nothing great), attending our nephew Zach’s 4th birthday party, watching fireworks in Massillon, having another ultrasound (Baby Plum is no longer a plum and is growing quickly!) on Wednesday, hosting Kelly Borchers Norris this weekend on her way to Abby Cordonnier’s (cousin of Nick and Kelly) bachelorette party, and seeing Nick off for a week long trip to Kentucky — even with all of that going on, what I just can’t believe is that Michael Jackson is dead.

(I’m listening to “We Are the World,” as I write this.)

Trumping MJ’s cardiac tragedy, the biggest heartache is being separated from Nick for a week. Now, I know how that sounds — I was gone for 2 months last summer and globe trotted my heart out — but I’m pregnant now and that means two things: 1) I get to say whatever I want without feeling bad and 2) I’m uber emotional

(My MJ music marathon continues. Now on my ear “You Are Not Alone.”)

Nick will be back Friday afternoon and that seems like eons away.

Sometimes when Nick is gone, I feel like this blog becomes the soggy pillow where I consistently weep into with my sadness that he’s not around telling me a corny joke or trying to work some miracle with our shower’s water pressure.

*sigh* It’s going to be a long week.

(last song for tonight’s MJ’s dedication is Nick’s favorite MJ song: “Man in the Mirror”)