Doctor’s Visit, Week 10.5

Yesterday was our 10.5 week visit and it was another eventful afternoon. Nick brought his Time magazine for what he knew would be a long wait before we actually get to see the growing Plum.

But it wasn’t long before we were in there with the wonderful Dr. David and she says, “Ok, let’s hit the lights and take a look at the little critter.”

Excited to have another look at the Plum, I was expecting to see the small little dot bobbling along in the round sac I’ve understood to be my uterus.

I was shocked to see that the little dot looked more like a baby. “Oh yeah, your baby’s growing like a weed!” Dr. Davis was impressed.

She poked around to see if the fetus would move and, Nick swears, I must have blinked, he said he thought he saw it shimmy at one point. Shimmy? This is definitely our child.

We couldn’t get over how amazingly large the baby had grown. Of course, we were grinning ear to ear and agreed with Dr. David when she said, “It looks like a teddy bear. Whose genes are playing into this kid’s growth spurt?”

Without looking at Nick and knowing he’d agree, I explained, “It is for certain the German/Irish/French side of the family.” I watched her measure the baby from head to rump and was impressed with the healthy growth of our little one.