Me and My Pops

Today is my Pop’s 67th birthday.

Happy Birthday, Dad!

These are the just some of the reasons why I love my Dad so much and why he’s a terrific father…

– when he picks up the phone, he rarely says hello, he automatically goes into medical mode (that’s his profession, after all…) to determine my senses are healthy: WHERE ARE YOU? HAVE YOU EATEN? YOU’RE NOT DRIVING ARE YOU? and don’t think he doesn’t worry about Nick, too. Somewhere in there he demands, WHAT IS NICK EATING FOR DINNER TONIGHT? IS HE GETTING ENOUGH NUTRITION?

Yes, Dad, Nick and I are fine and we aren’t planning on flying anywhere anytime soon because I know how much you hate when we are in the air.

– whenever I go home, less than an hour after being home, Dad will disappear from sight. After looking for him, I’ll find him in the driveway, cleaning out my car.

– my Pops still gives me high fives with a very gusty ALRIGHT, LIZ! (That’s what he calls me…)

– Dad is the first one to say, “Don’t work too hard,” “Don’t stress out,” “Sleep if you need to…” Then when I admit that I am tired, he pronounces, “We’re getting off the phone, then! Go sleep…”

– Dad loves the color red, the number 13, has a very intuitive gut he follows, and loves to laugh – possibly even more than me (now THAT is a lot…)

Just a handful of reasons why my Pops is so great.

Love you, Dad.

ps – now that you have an email account, you’ll start regularly checking this blog :)