Get on the Train

Thanks be to God for the glory of spring. But, why God, why, must the lush green beauty come at such a price to my health?

My throat and nose are clogged with green as well. It’s just disgusting and not the lush kind green outside, but the sick, disgusting kind that come with colds, sore throats, and infections. GROSS. I hate germs. Like, more than you ever will or can possibly fathom. I HATE things that are in the family of centipedes, bacteria, sickness, and contamination. And fungus.

But, as the die hard Cavs fan that I have grown to be, my sickness did not preclude me from going to Christina and Brian’s house (pretty much Nick and my best buds here in Cleveland) to watch Game 2 of the Cavs/Magic of the Eastern Conference NBA finals.

Just as in game 1, I start off pumped and make all kinds of significant commentary about the lewd history of Marv Albert. And then I fall asleep at half time while Nick massages my feet and talks stats with Brian. I wake up with 3 minutes left of the 4th quarter and blast the Cavs for blowing yet another large lead. And then LeBron makes a LeBeautiful 3 point shot at the buzzer and I forget I have bronchitis and scream to the heavens. And the four of us high five each other. NOTE: We’re not high fiving kinds of people. That’s how pumped we were.

The one thing I could not get over and kept pointing out as much as the marvelous physique of Dwight Howard, is how Stan Van Gundy (head coach of the Magic) has a striking resemblance to JOHN LOVITZ. I mean, seriously.