A Dip into the Valley of Darkness

Sometimes the sports world makes the rest of the world too depressing to deal with.

Last night, the famous four (Me, Nick, Christina, and Brian) gathered around their monstrously clear flat screen to watch the flat screen effect of the Magic against the CAVS.

Sometimes it just hurts and the pain of defeat zaps all ability to write with enthusiasm.

In other depressing news, we just got word that Nick and I need to go shopping for a new car. For some people, this can be an exciting adventure. For Nick and I, buying something large – and all the details and discussion that goes into that decision – is about as enticing as eating a bowl of raisin bran. Not exciting whatsoever.

Why, you ask, does the prospect of buying a car antagonize us so much? Well, for Nick is means shopping. (It’s the same reaction if you ask him to cook, or go look at swatches at Home Depot.) For me, it means I have to make a decision based on practicality. I hate that.

So, it puts us in somewhat bitter moods, but we try to look on the bright side of things. But with the Cavs performance lately, Cleveland is one big gray cloud called Annoying. And it’s hanging right over our house.