The Small Stuff

Instead of apologizing for not writing much the past several weeks on this blog, just think of it as a “getting to know you” moment. Now you know how sporadic and unpredictable Nick and I can be.


Now you know how sporadic and unpredictable I can be.

I’ve been meaning to write, but spring has swept us away in a fury of home repairs, out of town guests, and settling into new responsibilities with work and jobs. Instead of writing about the big things, like how long it has taken for the kitchen leak to be repaired or how this tax season is giving us migraines, I’d rather tell you about the important things, Seinfeld style.

You know how Seinfeld made its mark by centering things that are seemingly not important? That’s like our life. Nick and I joke, love, distress about the details of life, the things that make us laugh hardest are our perspectives and thoughts about the mundane things of life, the things that most people pass by without giving two seconds of a thought.

So, we try and focus on the small things. It’s like that book, “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff,” except our version would, “Don’t Ignore the Small Stuff.”

The small things of life would be how I have tortured my husband with daily talks of cheese. All throughout Lent, as I gave up the daily goodness, I never let a day go by without telling Nick how I would kill for a bit of mozzarella, how a small taste of havarti, or brie, or cheddar, or parmesan, or gruyere…you get the picture. And everytime I open my big mouth to give a great big sigh, Nick will remind me, “It’s Lent. Do something in the spirit of Lent, not something that makes you miserable for 40 days and 40 nights.”

And today, Easter Monday, I have returned to the glorious world of cheese.

That’s one of the small things. It’s small things like not being able to eat cheese that brings us to attend Fish Fry dinners at St. Dominic during Lent and where we meet new people in our neighborhood and finally get a sense of community here in Cleveland. It’s the small things in our life that have brought us a real sense of home – like playing Catch Phrase at Book’s house until 1am and laughing at the ridiculous level of competition Nick and I display.

It’s the small things like eating dinner with Pete Kosoglov and his fiancee in Tremont, or going home to Russia just to spend time with family and take pictures of Chelsea Hoying’s family (check out my photography website if you haven’t seen them!), or celebrating getting a round of laundry done so Nick doesn’t have to hold up a shirt and ask me, “Is this too wrinkled too wear?” where my answer is a resounding YES.

Celebrate the small things in life. Like Seinfeld, you’ll find that it’s the small things that really count.