Technological Advances

I’m kinda nuts over technology.

The fusion of the internet, computers, blogging, photography, and digital imaging just leave me happy as hotcakes.

So you can imagine my delight when I log into my email account which I have with GMAIL and see that there is now an added feature: video chatting.

That’s right!

When you log into your gmail account, you have the option of seeing if anyone in your contact book is online. There’s a little green dot that says someone is available and if you and that person have a webcamera, you will be able to easily chat instead of type.

I quickly hit DOWNLOAD TO INSTALL and started fantasizing how fun it would be to actually SEE people and chat instead of typing. (It’s like how I imagined all the phones would be in the 21st century when I was in the first grade.) And then a thought hit me…

Wait a second…my friends, my family, ANYONE that I want to chat with will actually see me…

SEE me…as in, if you could see me now in a ratty Boston College sweatshirt that is screaming, “GIVE ME A BREAK! THIS IT THE HUNDREDTH TIME YOU’VE WORN ME THIS MONTH!” and my red glasses that scream, “I’M NOT A MORNING PERSON AND I HATE WAKING UP AT 6AM.”

Does that mean I have to actually look nice?

I think so.

I mean, the safety of the computer screen is not something I’m willing to give up just yet. And what is someone wants to chat when I’m in my bathrobe, or I just don’t feel like chatting?

Mhm…I need to think this over.

Technological advances leave me happy, but if it is starting to require high maintenance on my part, I think I might pass.