Never Admit You Saw Something When You Didn’t

Nick: Do you need the computer anymore?

Me: No, I’m done. You can shut it down.

Nick: I’m checking the weather, it looks like rain all week.

Me: That is awesome.

— wander over and point to the screen, specifically, I point to a design ad I made for the magazine I edit for which focuses on civic and political action —

Me: (excited) Hey! Did you see my design? I worked on it for several hours today. I think it turned out well. What’d you think?

Nick: (nervous because she just closed the window of my design) Sure, babe! It looked great.

I am suspicious because he looks nervous.

Me: You didn’t see it. It’s fine.

Nick: No, I did see it…it looked good.

Me: What was it about?

Nick: Uh…
looks at the screen regretfully at the blank screen

Nick: It was about potlucks.


Nick: Potlucks.

Me: It had the word “potluck” but it’s not about potlucks. NICK!

Nick laughs hysterically at his failing efforts.

Me: What did YOU see in the design?


Nick: (turns to put his arms around me and draw me into a hug that means he’s trying to change the subject) I see ‘feminism in motion.’

[‘Feminism in Motion’ is the tagline for the magazine and strewn all over the ad.]

Me: (shake my head) You are ridiculous.

Nick: I saw it! I swear, I really liked it. I just had no idea what it was about.