Borchers Visit

This past weekend, Nick’s parents, Ron and Kay, were in town and the Cleveland weather grandly welcomed them to the northeast region of the Buckeye State.

Saturday morning and afternoon, Nick and Ron took it to the house and did several small projects – fixing doors, installing air conditioners, re-installing lights…all the while I laid out on the front lawn and Kay fell asleep. I felt a bit of a lazy bum, but not too much because I would have been ZERO help in the projects they were working on. At least, that’s what I tell myself to feel better.

I’m happy to report that we went out for a lovely dinner to Trattoria, which is located in Little Italy and I was able to order a red sauce dish without any messes or Great White Massacres. Still, I left my white coat at home this time and wore black.

We had a terrific time and it’s always great to have family with us, so come up to see the Indians, Cavs, or just plain ol’ exciting us!