Bike Shop Talk

I had a free and open day. Nick was off in the afternoon.

You have two lovebirds, free as real birds, and a 70 some degree day in April? That’s good stuff right there.

We returned to our tennis practices. Or, shall I say, Nick lightly hitting the ball to me and I return it with full force while he watches it wail over the fence behind him. he’s such a good sport.

Then we went bike shopping.

Often when we shop together, it turns into a conversation about things other than what we’re shopping for. For instance, after we walked into the bike shop and learned about the different styles and amenities that come with the bikes, we thanked the sales associates and walked out into the bright sunshine.

When we were about 10 steps from the door, our conversation goes something like this:

Me: Sometimes I think it would be funny if there could be a big blimp above our heads that shows our real thoughts and what we’re thinking when someone is talking to us?

Nick: Like ‘Pop-Up Video?’
He makes the funny pop up noises to illustrate.

Me: (laughing) Yeah, exactly!

Nick: So, it’d be like –

Me: (laughing harder and interrupting him) It’d be like when he showed us that first bike that was $400, my blimp would pop up and read, “Mhm, that’s about $350 too expensive.”

Nick: I think it’d be hilarious if you could see two pop-ups at the same time. Yours would read, ‘Mhm, that’s $350 too much,’ and mine would read, ‘Mhm, looks like we’re not buying anything today.’

무료 바카라 게임**If you’d like to see a fine example of the entertainment that comes with pop-up video, click here to watch a tune with Rick Astley. Doesn’t come with the fun pop up noise though… **