Nick as Big Brother

Nick always makes ridiculous statements about how he married an older woman. He says this at least once every other month and it annoys me to holy heaven because I am three weeks, yes WEEKS, not years, older than him. He just likes to pretend he is funny and say he’s married to an older woman for effect.

I’m older by 21 days.

Nick’s 30th birthday this year is the last day of winter, March 19. I’ve asked him repeatedly on how he would like to celebrate. He says he hasn’t given it any thought and this only furthers the evidence that we are two separate human beings who like to celebrate our birthdays in different ways.

Considering I take the entire month of February to celebrate, I suppose that’s right.

So, I will take March to celebrate Nick since he has given me no bright ideas on how he would like to proceed forward.

I thought I’d start with a classic picture. This one is dated August 1992.

(No matter how I try to find embarrassing photos of him, Kelly or Keith (usually Kelly) tend to win in the “Oh my…” department.)