A Belated Thanks from the Birthday Gal

Over the weekend I went to Hocking Hills for the first time. I went with a group of women who dubbed the getaway, “Wild Women’s Weekend.”

Believe me, there was nothing wild about it, except how we got CRAZY and ate sweet potato quesadillas, cheesecake, lasagna, and about thirty pounds of fresh carrots with hummus.

It’s been a long time since I shared a big house with 16 other women. Of the sixteen, I knew three very well and the rest by connection or acquaintance. It struck me that I was one of the oldest among them, at a ripe 30 years of age, and as I continue to wear my thirty crown, I am blessed to have weekends where I just giggle, write, exercise, and go for hikes around caves and waterfalls. I don’t have a neurotic husband who doesn’t know how to feed himself or have the lovely grace/burden of children who need their Mama.

It was the first time in a long time I had back to back nights of 2am/3am bedtimes. This morning, Wednesday, was the first day I felt really recovered. Whatta wimp I am.

When I returned home, my voicemail message box was full (no phone reception in the woods) and it suggested I delete messages to make room for new ones. Considering I am eagerly waiting for interviews and job prospects, that might be a good idea.

Some messages were quite hilarious. Of the several I received, here were the classics:

[insert angry tone] Hi, Leese. It’s Victor. I don’t know where you are or why you’re not picking up the phone, but I’d like to wish my sister a Happy Birthday on her actual birthday. So, pick up next time will you?

[insert exasperation] Hey, Leese, it’s Tricia. Why don’t you pick up your freaking phone?! Pick up! Pick up! We have to talk. You won’t believe who called me. I know it’s your birthday, but I have to tell you something.

[insert happy] Heeeyyyy, Leese, it’s Jennnniiiifffeerrrr! How are you? Just calling to say Happy Birthday. We really need to chat! Why do we wait so long to talk? Here’s an incentive to call me: I think I might be in love! AHAHHAHAAH – how’s that? Call me!

[from Mike, a childhood friend] I swear, back in the day, I once gave someone a humongous New Kids on the Block card. If I could get another one I would give it to you now. Happy Birthday.

[from Leslie, former colleague] At 30, I was dating ugly men and making bad decisions, you’re doing awesome!

[from Kristie, good bud] I hate to tell you this on your birthday, but you might be crazy.

[from Amanda, one of my best friends] records herself singing and dancing to, “Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves

[text from Alexis, friend and former co-worker] writes: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FAVORITE MUFFIN IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE.

So, a big thank you to all those who sent me wonderful and fun-filled greetings. It was a birthday I shall never forget.