The Ultimate Quiz

Over the weekend, I celebrated by 30th birthday even though my actual birthday is Friday, February 27.

In addition to the great community of friends we have here in Cleveland, my buds Heather and Mary Kay came from Cincinnati, Alexis DROVE from Boston, and Leanne drove from Chicago.

I feel extremely loved.

I wore a ridiculous and wonderfully large and charge birthday hat (pictures to come), and a had a grrrand time. I also gave everyone a 30 question quiz about the Queen Bee of Thirty (aka Moi), and the grand prize winner won two free movie tickets. The point of the quiz was to have people mingle and get the answers from other people at the party. So, in addition to making new friends, you got to learn more about the birthday girl. What a great idea!

The winner only had one wrong AND it was not Nick, nor my sister. Can you believe it?

Thirty Questions for Lisa’s Thirty Years

(the number after the question denotes how many people should be listed)

1. What is the real date of Lisa’s birthday? February 27

2. In what state was Lisa born and grew up in? New Jersey

3. Find all who attended Xavier University with Lisa? Nick, Books, Mary Kay, Pete

4. Fine all who accompanied Lisa to the Barack Obama rally in November? Nick, Jennifer B., Adam, Christina, Brian

5. Find the person who once came to visit Lisa during Grey’s Anatomy and was left outside until a commercial break: Alexis Melville

6. Other than the United States, what other two countries has Lisa lived in for at least two months? the Philippines and Nicaragua

7. Match the nickname to its originator:
“Babar” –> Carmen Factora
“Leek” –> Francis Factora
“Hammerhead” –> Nick Borchers
“Lisa Ma-*ucking-rie” –> Lisa’s Freshman Year Roommate

8. Choose the ONE statement that is NOT true. (C is the correct answer.)
On June 4, 2005, when she got married, Lisa
a) wore her running shoes all day
b) journaled before she walked down the aisle
c) mildly sprained her left ankle
d) fell asleep after the wedding mass

9. True or False: Lisa was a cheerleader for four years. TRUE

10. Find who went with Lisa to the New Kids on the Block concerts? Carmen

11. Nick and Lisa met: (B is the correct answer.)
a) during MANRESA, freshman orientation week
b) at GETAWAY, a retreat for first year students
c) as RESIDENT ASSISTANTS in Brockman Hall
d) at a Kuhlman Hall/Brockman Hall mixer

12. Choose the ONE that is NOT TRUE. (C is the correct answer.)
Lisa has worked as all but one of the following:
a) a ice-cream server at Honey’s Homemade
b) a caddy at Glenmore Country Club
c) a cashier at Whole Foods
d) a waitress at Chi-Chi’s
e) a sales associate at the Gap

13. True or False: Lisa was born cesarean. TRUE

14. In whose apartment did Lisa watch the Buckeyes demolish the Wolverines in the latest rivalry match? Sam and Laura

15. Write the full name of the person Lisa and Nick call, “The Baker.” TOM BAKER

16. Write the names of Lisa’s unofficial wine advisers.
Mary Kay Koehler & Heather Apple

17. It was primarily because of this person that Lisa and Nick moved to Cleveland.

18. True or False: Lisa has three nephews and one niece. TRUE

19. True of False: Lisa is the youngest of four. TRUE

20. What Ohio university was Lisa originally supposed to attend before deciding three weeks before orientation to attend Xavier University? John Carroll University

21. Choose one. (A is the correct answer.)
If Lisa could dominate one sport she would choose:
a) tennis
b) golf
c) speed skating
d) raquetball

22. Lisa has lived in all but one of the following states: (D is the correct answer.)
a) New Jersey
b) California
c) Washington
d) Texas

23. Choose the ONE statement that is NOT true: (B is the correct answer.)
a) Lisa pretended to faint in the fifth grade during gym class.
b) Her favorite color is yellow.
c) In 2000, she met Martin Sheen.
d) In 1995, Patrick Ewing winked and smiled at her in an airport.
e) Lisa despises carrying a purse.

24. Find all of Lisa’s Facebook friends. (This one is stupid to answer now…)

25. Choose the ONE statement that is NOT true. (C is the correct answer.)
a) Lisa has talked her way out of two speeding tickets.
b) She has an extra bone in both her feet.
c) Prior to getting a nose stud, she had an eyebrow ring.
d) Lisa reached 5”2 in 4th grade and has not grown taller since.

26. Choose the pair of sport icons whom Lisa followed religiously growing up:
(A is the correct answer.)
a) Andre Agassi and Kim Zmeskal
b) Michael Jordan and Jennifer Capriotti
c) Shannon Miller and Magic Johnson
d) Stephi Graf and Kristi Yamaguchi

27. At age 11, Lisa seriously considered becoming: (A is the correct answer.)
a) a nun
b) a writer
c) a counselor
d) a lawyer

28. Lisa’s first home fitness instructor was (C is the correct answer.)
a) Billy Blanks from Tae Bo
b) Chenille Johnson from Turbo Jam
c) Jane Fonda from Step it Up
d) Richard Simmons from Sweatin’ to the Oldies

29. Choose the one statement that is NOT on ” Lisa’s Bucket List for 30.” (C is the correct answer.)
a) run a road race
b) get pregnant
c) skydive
d) become a saavy vegan cook

30. Correctly spell her entire name: ANA LISA FERNANDEZ FACTORA-BORCHERS
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _-_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _