Friday the 13th

It’s Friday the 13th and I tend to get excited for this stupid day.

There’s really no reason for the excitement. It’s kind of like when New York City had a huge blackout back in 2003 (?). I am intrigued by how people react to random, rather large scale phenomenons.

It’s all the little stories of superstition, full moons, and random fears that attract me. It’s fun, funny, and somewhat entertaining to hear what people do or refuse to do on days like today. Personally, I have no superstitions because I’m too scared to believe in them (if that makes any sense), I just like the fun of talking about it. But if someone offers me a black cat, you can be sure I’m more than likely get in my car and drive away from it. Perhaps even consider running over the cat, but am too scared about what might unleash from that act as well.

So, it’s safe to say, I like the fun spookiness of it all, similar to Halloween. I just regret I don’t get to dress like a bee. (My new costume for Halloween 09.)

(And this is a personal shout out to Pat Ryan, aka Goatee, I hope you have a great and normal day with no complications whatsoever.)