Self-Disclosure Day

For those familiar with email and all things internet, you know that once in a while, a little list floats around that asks you to tell everyone some facts about yourself. Since today I had a lot to accomplish and was looking for a way to procrastinate, I decided to participate in the 25 Facts About You, which has been circulating on Facebook. I have asked Nick for about 8 years to do one of these and the likelihood of him doing one is about the same chance of my coming home one day and seeing him knitting me a scarf.

Some things just aren’t going to happen. Ever.


25. I’m seriously afraid of what people think when I spend time on things like this.

24. Being a writer is the most difficult, painful, vulnerable, exhilarating gift imaginable. After love, of course.

23. My family is the root of all things.

22. I think people romanticize the green on the other side, the past, and the USA.

21. Living and traveling to other countries is the only way for me. I despise tourism.

20. I think most people, even on their best days, short-change themselves. Nelson Mandela said it best. We’re most afraid of our brilliant potential.

19. I drive quite aggressively and am working on taming my frustration with Ohio drivers.

18. Some of my biggest fears are drowning, living in complacency, and losing touch with God.

17. Laughter is my thing. I believe in it, use it, always want more of it. It’s magical.

16. I cannot explain in words how much I am against WalMart, Best Buy, and Nestle.

15. Nick is my gravity. Our story is one of my writing projects, but I’m not yet ready to share it with the world.

14. I spent 4 months of 2002 working on growing my patience when engaged in small talk with strangers.

13. I believe every person should live at least one year in a “developing” country. I think people will find that their hearts need more work than the nations do.

12. I own several hundred books. I’ve read 1 or 2 from cover to cover.

11. In the closet: competitive, perfectionist, linguist, freakishly astute memory

10. I take a deep breath when people misuse the word “literally” when they mean “really” or “actually.” Example, on ESPN, the sports commentator said, “Yes, and they literally killed the other team on the scoreboard.” NO! No one was killed! Do people not know what “literally” means?!

9. I love purple, scarlet, sage, light green, and turquoise.

8. When I hear Last Dance by Donna Summer, I feel like I have enough joy to share with the world.

7. Strawberries and vanilla any day of the week over chocolate.

6. I quit pretending that my birthday isn’t a big deal to me. I celebrate the entire month of February. (No lie.)

5. I’ve had two surgeries in 9 years to remove ovarian tumors. Benign.

4. A few years ago, I spent $200 on ebay for the original My So-Called Life DVD set and never batted an eyelash. Jordan Catalano is, like, the highschool mythical god every female had in her teen life.

3. Oxygen is to swimmers as New York City is to Lisa.

2. I dream and think a lot about the things I love most: relationships, fresh bread, Seattle, dancing, singing, family reunions, 4th of July, the water, Strawberry Kiwi Propel, running, boxing, tennis, sports clothes, independent book stores, flying, being clean, touch football, simplicity, faith, retreats, cleaning my windshield, Greenwich Village, Gloria Anzaldua, and painting. I adore kissing.

1. My life goal is to be a Renaissance woman.