Thank You, Chicago!

I can’t believe I forgot to post this, but I had my first public reading last weekend!

make/shift magazine, for which I edit, had a public reading in Chicago and invited me to read some of my work along with four other writers. I was so excited! My first public reading.

Unfortunately, Nick was still getting over whatever bug he had left in his system and we thought it best for him to just get rest so he can fully recuperate. Bummer, though, because it was a thrilling experience.

I drove to Chicago Friday morning and stayed with an old friend who lives in the city. That night, I expected about 10-20 people to show. I figured the weather was FRIGID – about 4 people died over the weekend in Chicago because of the cold – and I expected most folks to stay in doors. Would you believe we had a wonderful crowd of 40 folks or so, all interested in hearing us read our work and talk about our magazine. Isn’t that lovely?

The weirdest moment came when someone asked me for my autograph. No joking. No shit.

My autograph?

“Would you sign it right by your name?”
“Would you personalize it as well?”
Uh, ok.
Scibble, scribble – Thanks for your support, Lisa F-B.
“Can I contact you?”
Getting weird. Um, you can see my contact information on the website, my email is there.
“Can I send you something directly?”
No, that’s ok. If you ever have questions about the magazine or my work, you can email me. Like I said, email is the best way for me.
“All they have here is a p.o. box address. Can I have your real address?”
“I like your dress. It’s really cute.”

Ok, now I am walking away from the guy.

So, other than that tiny exchange, I was all smiles at the Women and Children First Bookstore. The rest of the weekend was picture taking and, sure enough, the backdrop of Chicago is a beauty. Interested in some pics of the city? Click here.