Nick’s Sick

He’s snoring like a whale, poor guy. He wasn’t feeling that great over Thanksgiving weekend, but he mustered up all his strength to fully participate in all family events.

We returned to our beloved Cleveland and it was downhill from there. I woke up this morning to his ragged breathing and him poking me in the arm, “Leese? Could you get get me some medicine? And orange juice? And bread to make toast? And starter logs to make a fire? And some movies from Blockbuster?”

Now while some people don’t like when their spouses ask them to do things, I absolutely adore it and jump at the chance to buy him things. Nick is so low maintenance that I get a thrill from buying him cold medicine. In all the years I’ve known Nick, this is probably the 4th time he’s ever asked me to do something for him. Feeling domestic and all wife-like, I happily oblige.

And so I made him soup and stocked up on meds. We watched movie after movie today and had a roaring fire to keep warm.

He missed work today and since I am happily unemployed for the time being, I enjoyed the rare company in the house.

Here’s a few photos of our first Thanksgiving in our house with my side of the family. It took place the Sunday before Thanksgiving. I was proud to host our first holiday and cooked my heart out. Click here for pics.