The Holidays are A-Coming

…and that means two things for me and Nick.

1) Massive Travel
2) Board Games

Nick and I were born competitive people so board games are a wonderful way to exercise healthy habits of winning and practicing coping mechanisms when we act like a disgraceful loser. One of my favorite things about spending time with Nick’s family is the passion of board games. Everyone gets into it and it’s every wo/man for her/himself. While my favorite is Tripoly, Cranium is definitely up there as well.

Here is a small glimpse into the hilarity of Cranium.

Background: Jay and Keith are one team. Jay is humming a tune that Keith must figure out. It’s not an All-Play, but we certainly take turns with our jabs and teasing. Listen closely to Jay and see if you can figure out what he’s humming before anyone else.

Let me make a prediction: you won’t.