The Best of Ohio

So, Ohio –

How ya doin’?

You and I have had a long road together. Like a dysfunctional relationship, I keep coming back to you. I leave, but I keep coming back with a belief that I will find a new part of you that fits me.

You may win me over in the end. Maybe.

It’s not that I don’t want to be won over. I just need to be convinced. So, let’s work together.

I’m beginning a new series on this blog that gives evidence of Ohio love; things that surprise me about you. (I really hope there’s a lot.)

So, here’s our deal: you keep revealing your coolness to me here in Cleveland and I’ll keep record on this blog of how rad you really can be. Let’s start there.

It’s all about reframing. It’s all about reframing. I’ll reframe my experiences and fall in love with you, hopefully, by the end of my life. Right now, I’d say you’re my really good friend that I go with to see the new James Bond movies. No hand holding, no funny business. We’re just good friends.

You give me the O-H.
I’ll document the I-O.
The series will be called: Why Ohio Gets to Keep Us

Let’s get going.