Sorry for the profane ending…but the video’s still good :)

I shall be making the Anthony Gonzalez chicken in honor of my all-time favorite OSU player. (Go Colts.)

Arroz con pollo (Rice with Chicken)

One of Anthony Gonzalez’s favorite recipes:
? 10 chicken pieces
? Garlic powder
? Salt and pepper
? Cumin powder
? 6 cloves garlic — chopped
? Bouillon cubes
? 3 cups rice
? 8 cups water
? 2 packets of Azafran seasoning packet
? One can petite peas, drained
? One small jar diced pimento
? One can beer
Season the chicken with spices. Fry in extra-virgin olive oil and garlic until the chicken is almost done (about 25 minutes). Add rice, water, seasoning packet and bouillon cubes. Let cook until the water is almost gone and you can see the rice. Add the can of beer.
Cover and let cook on low for about 45 minutes.
Add peas (drained) and pimento on top.