#1 Basically, The Shape

Let’s start with some basics about Ohio. (By the way, this is in no particular order.) You gotta love this time of year when the map of America is shown all over TV to explain the electoral map of the US. My favorite is whenever the anchor person talks about how Ohio is the heart of America and it’s quite clear that our state boundaries reflect that responsibility. We are a heart. Isn’t that warm?

Then the anchor goes on to talk about how Ohio is the reflection of America. So goes Ohio, so goes the nation.

Translation: it’s a place of power.

And I like power.

Not only that, but the heart shaped edges are a unique little factoid about our great state. Sometimes, when perusing the kitchen utensil aisles in the store, I wonder why someone hasn’t made an Ohio cookie cutter. Who wouldn’t love to take a great big bite out of Cincinnati and Dayton?

And so begins the list of Why Ohio Gets to Keep Us.