Photographing Munchkins and Travel Plans

Nick and I are back under the same roof, thank the good Lord.

Last week he left for El Salvador for a five day trip and I headed to Cincinnati for a wedding reception. I stayed with old friends, Julie and Pat (aka Goatee) Ryan with their too cute progeny, Nathan, (aka Sideshow). The Ryans live in lovely house in Loveland and I had shuttled myself between Loveland and downtown Cincy with trusted traveling icon, Moses (our GPS). It was a a terrific weekend.

One of my biggest fears of photography is photographing children. Wait, I should more accurately write, one of my biggest fears is photographing children with hyperphoto parents. In my quest to single-handedly bring down the portrait department of Walmart, I have begun studying the technique of photographing children. There’s not much that can be done in terms of lighting, grips, lens, and aperture when children are just scared of this gigantic black device with a huge glass eye staring them down in the face, all the while you have stuffed animals flying behind them and high pitched voices asking them to smile. If I were a toddler, I’d start crying too.

But, I had the challenge to try and photograph Nathan, aka Sideshow, who is one of the cutest babies around and he’s a completely adorable ball of fun. And then yesterday, I went to my first pumpkin patch with my niece nephews. It was another portrait session with Halloween and fall colors as the background. In both cases, it’s hard to keep kids interested. Thankfully Goatee and Julie and my brother and sister-in-law are NOT the overeager, piggybacking the photographer kinds of parents.

In other news, Nick returned Sunday night from Latin America with a renewed spirit and commitment to social justice. We fell asleep that night, he – exhausted from travels and El Salvador, me – exhausted from driving and Cincinnati, mumbling about our plans to live a more intentional life so we can give more to those who are in true need around the world.

Our travel plans continue: this Thursday we leave for my cousin’s wedding in New York City. We’ll be driving with my sister and her boyfriend for one of those three day fancy schmancy weddings which we love to attend as guests. It’ll be a nice Factora family reunion with lots of folks coming in from all over the country to party it up at Cipriano’s.

While I continue to send pitches to magazines and reputable presses, i’ve also received a few inquiries into my photography services. YES! Continue to spread the word: I will travel whenever, whereever, and will be an awesome smiling photographer on your special day. In the meantime, more resumes are flying around like the dried out autumn leaves. Nick actually asked if I would be interested in working at a bank while something more permanent rolls around.

A bank?

Like, working with numbers?

The only award I ever received that included numbers was in the 4th grade playing travel when we had to memorize long division drills.

I don’t think banking is for me. Just sayin’.