It’s So Not 2001

Morgan is our niece. Two days ago, she just turned ten years old. I called to wish her a happy birthday and then passed the phone to Nick so he could greet her as well. This is what I heard:

Nick: Hi Morgan!

pause (obviously, I can’t hear Morgan.)

Nick: Happy Birthday!


Nick: That’s great! What’d you do at school?….You passed out kit-kats? I be your classmates were loving that one.

pause pause pause

NIck: So, ten years old huh? You’re getting old! What’d you get today?

long pauses, Nick is walking around the living room. My eyes (and ears) follow.

Nick: You got a bike? That’s pretty freaking cool.

short pause

Nick explodes, “You got a cell phone?”

I hear giggling from Morgan.

“You got a cell phone? Of your own? …Man, I didn’t get a cell phone till I was out of college.”

There you have it. It’s official. When you compare the timeline between yourself and someone who is a decade old when you got your first cell phone, it’s over. We. Are. Old. Farts.