The Cordonnier Tears

Getting to know Nick’s family has been a blessing from the start. They’ve always welcomed me and made me feel so loved at every gathering, party, and celebration. After getting to know the two sides – Borchers and Cordonniers – I can now clearly see the differences in each and see how they influence Nick to be the man he has grown to be.

I thought that since they are his side of the family, the influence would stop with Nick. I am beginning to think I am wrong.

The Cordonniers, Nick’s maternal side, shed some serious tears at emotional times. The first time Nick cried in front of me was back in 1998 when we were just good friends and hanging out. This was before I fell in love with him and thought he was a normal guy. We went to go see The Sixth Sense at the movie theater and while I was definitely emotional at the end, I couldn’t believe Nick’s reaction.

After you find out that Bruce Willis is really a ghost and departs from the love of his life, I got a bit choked up but it was contained. I sighed and grabbed my purse to get ready to head out. I looked to my right and saw Nick staring at the credits rolling, completely still. “Uh, are you alright?”

“I’m just really shocked by that movie.”

I agreed, “I know, it was intense.”
It took me a while to see through the dim lighting, but there he was – crying in a Norwood theater over a M. Night Shyamalan movie. I didn’t say anything, but the shock of this guy crying next to me was more shocking than the Bruce Willis/ghost revelation.

We were quiet until I brought it up in the car. Remember, this was before we were dating, I couldn’t really insult him by asking what in the world was wrong with him crying manly tears while I was completely dry eyed.

“Were you crying?” Nice subtle question.

“Yeah, it just runs in my family. My mom’s side of the family cries at everything. It doesn’t even have to be a big event. One time, Grandpa even cried during a basketball game in the Russia gym.”

“Why?” I was incredulous.

“Because, it was an emotional moment!”

“Oh, I see.”

But, that’s the thing – I didn’t see. Not until now anyway.

A few months ago, I told Kelly, Nick’s sister, that I would be happy to do a slideshow for the wedding – aka BIG FUN – because I’ve been asked to do so many that it’s not really difficult for me to create one now that I have the software and the right formula to put it together. Over the past few weeks, since I got back from the Philippines, I was pushing Kelly to move forward with it because it’s a nice small momento to watch in the years ahead as Nick and I watch our slideshow the morning of our wedding anniversary. She conceded and sent me several envelopes full of pictures. I asked for photos of Tim and his family and friends and soon began sorting through hundreds of photos that folks had sent me.

Putting a slideshow together is really about detail – detail of getting the pictures in a sensible order, balance of each person, the right music, putting the transitions to tempo, beginning and end fades – so in the end a lovely story is told.

Kelly is the younger sister I always wanted so imagine my surprise when I find myself – not once, not twice, not thrice – but in MULTIPLE crying episodes as I have put the slideshow together. As the final touches are layered on this week, Nick has walked in as I hastily dry my tears and am rolling my eyes at myself. He smiles, “The Cordonniers are starting to rub off of ya, huh?”