Putting the "Big" in Big Fun: Part II

After we completed as many tasks as we could, Keith arrived.

Perfect timing. He was all smiles.

By Thursday evening, everyone was tired, but every 59 minutes someone would say, “Thank God the hall is done.” That would followed by a chorus of, “yeahhh….TOTALLY…”

We watched a little sneak peak of the slideshow because Kay “does not want any surprises,” and I agreed. It’s better to get the crying out now, I thought.

Of course there were tears and it was the first time I managed to stay dry eyed throughout it. I love watching people’s reactions when they see funny or moving pictures set to music. It’s almost like you can see their memories popping up in their heads.

We woke up early and immediately went separate ways. Ron went on errands. Kelly went to go get her manicure and pedicure. The boys went golfing. Kay and I went to go get the dress. Ben Norris’ wife and daughter, Bhumika (pronounced: Boom-ick- cah) (nickname is Bhum- prounounced “Boom”) and Lilly were at the house while everyone disappeared to get the last minute things finished. When we picked up the dress and dropped it off at Kay’s parents house, we hung it up and fluffed it out. It looked majestic. I didn’t know if Paul would leak out a tear or two, but all seemed dry when we were on our way out.

“We better get going,” Kay said to her parents after we were done hanging the dress.

“Yup,” Rose would agree.

I started inching near the door thinking that was our cue to leave.

“Bhum and Lilly are at the house waiting there. We might go back there and take them to the hall.”

“Oh, okay!” Rose said.

Paul was confused, “Who’s BLOOMING LILY?”

I nearly fell over laughing so hard.

“No,” Kay said, “Bhum – short for Bhumika – and her daughter Lilly. Not ‘Blooming Lily!'”

We made it back to the house and began to get ready for the rehearsal and dinner.

The closed and ripped up roads provided a bit of struggle, but eventually everyone arrived at the rehearsal. It was a great time, including when Tim had to pull out his cell phone to practice his vows. Apparently, Kelly texted what he was supposed to say and it was held in the cell. Always a good resource, that cell phone.

Fireside, an old winery, was the perfect backdrop for the rehearsal dinner. Rog Borchers and Don Cordonnier were the trusty bartenders that night and were quite generous with the Crown, I must add. It was a great evening, but the highlight was the “siblings’ speeches” that took place after dinner.

Nick, Keith, and Jay were all giving individual speeches and toasts for Kelly, a moving gesture I thought. Once I heard the plan I thought, “Oh, this’ll be a ride on Disaster Transport. They’re going to be bawling their eyes out.”

Before rehearsal, Keith asked me to hear him out and I did. Twice. In the garage and then Kelly’s empty room. It was good. Poor guy, I thought, he’s going to bawl like a baby.

Then at the church, Jay asked me to read over his speech, handwritten in green notebook. Poor guy, I thought, he’s going to cry himself to sleep tonight.

Nick jailed himself in the basement refusing any help or rehearsal with his speech.

So, the three musketeers marched up to the front of Fireside and stood shoulder to shoulder to deliver their toasts to their one and only sister, Kelly. I had Ron’s video camera and thought it’s be fun to get it all on tape.

First up: Keith. Funny, moving, delivered well. Choked up midway. Glanced at Kelly – bawling her eyes out.
Second: Jay. Bawling throughout. Miracle all the words came out. Glance at the audience. 65% crying. Kelly – still crying.
Third: Nick. Walks from side to side, dry eyed. Calm and sincere. I hear a whisper, “He talks like a pastor!” Glance at Kelly – tears are under normal control. Glance at self, train wreck. I’m bawling like a big fat baby and can’t stop. Why do I have the camera? Whatta horrible idea.

We get through rehearsal and decide to end it around 11pm-ish.

I spot Tim and Kelly alone outside and hear her say good-bye to him. In reply, Tim says, “Next time I see you, you’ll be walking down the aisle in your wedding dress.” Another hug.

I look at Nick and start crying again. That’s what you get for eavesdropping.