Pretty in Pics

Here are two pictures from the housewarming. In one of them you can see Nick loving whatever Tom Ward is telling him; not an unusual sight. The other is of two dear friends of mine who made the trip from Cincinnati and Louisville to help warm up the house.

The last picture I was saving for parents to show of all that I brought back from the Philippines: two bottles of wine, countless wooden crafts, three textile wall hangings, a barrage of snacks available only in SE Asia, handmade soups, jewelry, bags, books, and various trinkets and souvenirs from my travels. It is nothing short of a miracle that I was not detained in customs.

Last night Nick and I met some friends out for dinner in Little Italy. Of course, I bought two cannoli’s for late night enjoyment. After dinner, Nick went out with Matt Thomas, aka Books, and even though I promised to pick him up later, I fell asleep the moment my head hit the pillowcase. Good thing Nick is a patient man. This weekend Nick is going Tim Norris’ bachelor party at Salt Fork while I continue to get used to life in Ohio. Two weeks to Kelly’s wedding, aka Big Fun, and we’re both pumped and ready for another great family wedding!