"Just Don’t Wait Until Winter"

One of the things that Nick and I have noticed about life in surburbia, Cleveland surburbia to be precise, is how often winter is referenced. We went for a long walk last night after dinner to breathe in the Autumn-like air, and I got to thinking of all the things I’ve noticed about our new life and the people in it. When you don’t have a job, your mind tends to wander into topics like that at night.

It’s a funny observation that so many marketing strategies in Cleveland include a foreboding, “Don’t wait until winter..” Winter has been brought up at least once a day since I moved here. Whether it’s house insulation, window replacements, or firewood, everything comes with a reminder to GIT ‘ER DONE before the snow comes. You don’t want a faulty windshield wiper during a snowstorm now do you? You can’t go without snow tires this season can you? Winter-proof your house now and replace your carpet floors!

Granted, safety is always best and it’s always good to be prepared, but for how often people ask if our winter boots are ready for the lake effect, I have to ask: Do we live in the western frontier? Do we not have Triple A, cell phones, and emergency lanes in the highway? What is UP with all the winter fear?


It’s not like Nick and I just moved here from the Little Miss Sunshine state – we lived in BOSTON. A city where I bore three brutal winters and countless Nor’easters – snow that stopped trains, cold that ripped to the bone marrow of one’s existence, ice that didn’t melt until April – and still survived.

So, what is UP with Clevelanders asking us, “Are you ready for a Cleveland winter? It’s something else…”

One eyebrow lifts, unimpressed. There are bigger things to be concerned with in this city than the winter months. First, let’s deal with the Tribe or the Brownies. Now THERE’S something to worry about.