If She’s Wrong, I Don’t Want to Be Right

So Blackamazon has a thunderous piece entitled, “Wrong Woman,” and I think you need to get your fannies over there and appreciate her and her thunder.

I love thinking about that though – what makes a “wrong” womyn? ?I am thinking back to all the ways womyn are deemed “wrong.”
Womyn who…
are raped
are raped more than once
are mentally ill
take prescriptive medication for depression, anxiety, OCD, or any other mental wellness ? ? ? challenges
speak up and against their physicians
have hair under their arms, on their legs, on their upper lip
don’t shave said hair
live and/or work in a “third world” country are “less right” than those in “first world” nations
are dark-skinned?
prefer to have curves
do not hold formal degrees
stop when they have had enough
limit their consumption
march when other dawdle?
spell incorrectly
stick with unpopular beliefs
identify queer
move in wheelchairs
love sex
use their sexuality
are empowered by their sexuality
resist mainstream
filter news through the experiences of their lives
those who survived violence
those tried to leave, but can’t
those who stayed and died
love their abuser
quit their jobs
are on welfare
wash their hair in public fountains
read slowly if at all
have no health insurance or dental
who are addicts
pursue their long held dreams
practice creativity and art
are loud
and angry
and continue the fight where their mothers left off
Who else is wrong?

2 thoughts on “If She’s Wrong, I Don’t Want to Be Right

  1. harriettheelf

    if this is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

    and a particular thank you for including the third and fourth on your list. seriously.

  2. isabel

    women who…
    are fat
    are flat-chested
    make music
    love math
    are too smart
    are not smart enough
    have a lot of sex
    identify as asexual
    want more than they have
    don’t want more than they need
    keep a messy house
    don’t want kids

    there’s so much more of course but i have to go. great post.

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