Please, Barack, Don’t Do It

Whatever happens,

do NOT
put Hillary on your ticket.
Ok, here’s my reasoning as to why.
Just as much as anyone else, I am not too hopeful when it comes to public office. The corruption – from the grounds of community councils all the way to the White House – is dispicable. However, I do believe that there are small pockets of people in each sector that genuine try to make this world a better place. I don’t believe that they’re capable of miracles, but I believe in small ounces of their goodness and fight.
Regardless of whether or not people like politics because of the media, contrite speeches, or the wealth attributed to public office, it’s an incredible time in the history of this country. One thing I have learned is that while the sins of this country run deep into the roots of our civilization, I know that the people of this country are capable of goodness, analysis, hope, and healing. I’m not looking for perfection or wholeness to come from the brief pieces of justice our government gives, but I do look for at least an ounce of hope.
To truly be different, as Barack says he is, I expect him to do as exactly as I have thought – to bring NEW people together. Hillary Rodham Clinton is as iconic old skool politics as Bush Sr. and W have been. The presidency, the governance of our country cannot be anything new if it retains the old names of history. The Clinton name is just as legendary (or notorious) as the Bush legacy. The parties might be different, their politics may be different, and I may side with one over the other ,but when it comes to change, fresh air, and direction, it cannot come from Hillary Clinton. Not for me. She is a remarkable and disciplined politician, but I don’t trust her anymore than I could throw her. And while I may support her ideas, the “experience” she carries comes with a price. The old fogies will be sitting in the same cherry oak furniture seats. The same pens will be voting the same check boxes. The Clinton backlash will be ready to strike in 2012 or 2016, probably with another Bush.
No thank you.
Now, it’s not like I would trust my first born’s soul with the Obama family. They are, clearly, public figures and with public persona, there can only be so much authenticity and integrity. So far, I do not trust him, but I do hope in kind of energy he brings to areas. I hope in the people who have been fired up by his speeches, his presence, and his honesty. To put Hillary on that ticket is the first sign of selling out. With Hill comes Bill and with Bill comes…well, bad things.
I understand why people don’t vote. I get it why people are jaded, don’t want to be involved with the debates, news, or excessive media coverage. It’s gross, to be honest. However, if you can get past all that garbage for one moment, there is a shift going on in our country. It’s a shift, one step in a not so bad direction. Is it all that we’re hoping for? No. Will it heal our past? Will it move us out of racial divisions? No. Is it all that we want it to be? No. Will it ever be? No.
But, it’s a shift. And those shifts in the underground plates eventually cause earthquakes. That quake may not be for another thousand years, but there is a shift taking place in our country. I’m filled with a lot of doubt, but I’m not afraid to hope.
Maybe Barack won’t be as inspiring in 3 months, 3 years, 30 years, but at this moment, right now, he has spoken words that I have long wanted to hear. It’s, at minimum, more inspiring than anything else I have heard from any politician I’ve ever listened to, more inspiring than administrators in universities where I have been employed, and more true than what most people are willing to say.
He’s flawed, and limited, and wrong on many levels, but again, what are you looking for in a politician? I’m not looking for complete answers or medals or absolute confidence, but an ounce, just an ounce of hope that he might see a bit more than what previous government leaders have seen before. That his background may afford him to see an extra 2 feet from from his face, instead of the usual 6 inches like Bush, Clinton, Reagon, or previous presidents. Obama is a man, not a god. He’s a leader, not a magician.
More importantly, I’m hopeful, not naive. I’m inspired to work in my local communities because I believe that IS the only way to impact change. The road to Better will not be carved by Obama, but by the citizens who want to pave it. Obama, in my eyes, tries.
I’m so over the 90s both with the politicians and my old views.
I want and am ready to move forward.

4 thoughts on “Please, Barack, Don’t Do It

  1. Anonymous

    People I know are pretty surprised, though, that Obama’s “crew” isn’t reflective of the Washington “outsiders” that they had expected him to choose… how do you feel that Hillary is Secretary of State? Still don’t trust her in that post? What we may learn is that “new politics” isn’t really that “new” after all…

  2. AJ Plaid

    ::Gives Sudy the dap:

    You said it, friend!

  3. Jennifer

    I agree wholeheartedly but would love to hear (well, read) your take on why. Good luck on your travels!

  4. Maegan la Mala

    Thank you!!! I mean seriously, that would piss me off. Just the idea pisses me off and I’m not even an Obama fan!

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