How Much Do I LOVE This Comment?

Just received this one from the popular Anon:

Anonymous said…
Be sure to thank Jill at Feministe for deleting
all the links to your blog from her comments section. She’s protecting you from
the really bad racists whom only she can handle. You owe her a debt of

Now, let me be clear about a few things:

1) Hi, this is my blog and chose two years ago to make it public to racists and non-racists alike. Therefore, I receive all different kinds of folks stopping in all the time, regardless of who is “protecting” me.

2) “Protection” from Feministe is not something I requested and/or need. That’s what moderation is all about. While I certainly appreciate the gesture to not flood anyone’s blog with unwanted or ill-intentioned readers, you’ve got to be kidding me to write me saying that I am in debt (!) to anyone for protecting me from racism. Check yourself at the comment door, no one is in a position to protect anyone else, especially me, from racist readers. It’s called the reality one assumes as a radical womyn of color blogger.

3)…”whom only she can handle…” ?Do you have any idea what you are implying here?

4) Thanks for a good Monday morning laugh.

10 thoughts on “How Much Do I LOVE This Comment?

  1. Kate Bornstein

    Excellent distinction. I like the word. Would you agree that what we've got on our hands is a patriarchal kyriarchy? Cuz that makes sense to me, that daddy's holding the reins on many of the interlocking systems of oppression, but he's not the only one. Thank you. Great food for thought. K

  2. aw, fisticuffer at large

    I’m with Aaminah. That comment struck me immediately as all hail the mighty white blogger (white blogger here myself). It was a “woah, someone needs to get off their high-horse,” moment. And funny, considering that I found this site through Feministe.

  3. Elaine Vigneault

    I think it’s half sarcastic. I think it’s meant to imply that deleting links isn’t ‘protection’ but also it’s implying that the racists aren’t racist. Which, of course, is BS.

    I hate anonymous comments. They are rarely ever good.

  4. Aaminah

    If only people would stand behind their words, instead of hiding behind “anonymous”… we could ask for clarification or know the good (or bad) history of the person to base judgment on that. I figure, if you can’t put your name on it, it’s probably because you’re being an ass…

  5. evil_fizz

    I also read it as sarcastic, but it’s so hard to tell with anonymous commenters.

  6. "Sudy"


    Mhm, possibly, but I didn’t read it as sarcastic. I read it as serious. Hard to believe though, huh?


  7. Ayala

    Not even knowing too much history, I read this thinking it was sarcasm. Wasn’t it? The commenter wasn’t serious were they?

  8. "Sudy"

    Thanks for the background info and of course, I sincerely do appreciate your looking out for me. That is quite different from the ANON comment, in my eyes, suggesting debt among other wild things. LOL.

    No worries, but thanks for the apology. No worries, -S

  9. offourpedestals

    Oh, hell, Sudy, I’m sorry–I first suggested not dropping links to you in that Feministe thread. The Protein Wisdom guys are just fantastic dickheads all around, and I figured you didn’t need the shit.

    But you’re right: You didn’t request that, and while I never meant to imply that you needed it, the fact is it wasn’t my place to say or even suggest. It was presumptuous, rude, and arrogant of me, and I’m sorry.

    They’re a fun bunch, those doods. I think what I like best about them is the way they think a woman not wanting their droppings all over her blog means that the poor little women fear their brave and mighty manliness, but really it’s just that their comments are extremely stupid and fatiguing to delete after awhile.

    But again, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that.

  10. Aaminah

    ROFL!!! I think you should add this to Angry Black Woman’s list on “Thank you white people”. Yes, thank you Jill for sparing us the racists you allow to run rampant on your site, and thank you Anon for pointing out to us how grateful we should be. Where would we simpering Womyn of Color be without White people to tell us how lucky we are…

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