Birthday Update

Below: A funny gift from Nick on my birthday
Above: an old photo of Nick in honor of his 29 years

My birthday was a few weeks ago – February 27th – and it was a great time celebrating the big 2-9. Nick’s birthday is coming up as well – this Wednesday, March 19th. We’ll be traveling Thursday morning to Ohio for Holy Week and Easter and mostly be staying in the Massillon area with my family and get caught up with my nephews and niece. We have another nephew on the way who is due in May with a potential name of Christopher Factora. We’ll see.

This picture is of one of the gifts that Nick game me for my birthday. One of my favorite movies is, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” and Nick humorously etched out the “Greek” and put in his own hometown.

The other pic is in honor of Nick’s big birthday this week. I believe this was taken his sophomore year or so in highschool.