Movie Review: Vantage Point

Nick and I just returned from a late night movie, Vantage Point, that opened this weekend.

It was crowded and we sat in decent seats, a bit close for my general liking, but I thought to myself, “As long as there isn’t any home videos or car chasing scenes, I should be alright.” The shaky cameras and fast action tend to mess with my head.

Vantage Point has the longest car chase scene in cinematic history. And Forest Whitaker’s role in this movie primarily features him taking home video footage with his camcorder. Nice.

No Advil on hand either. Drat.

Nick gave it a rating, “Entertaining, but by no means great.”

The plot grows from 8 or so different perspectives who experience one act of terrorism. What Nick found so annoying is that the audience grew unsettled when the storyline kept repeating itself to reveal more details of the plot. Anytime another character’s story began to tell a different angle of the story, the audience started moaning like it had one collective belly ache. Dude, the movie is called VANTAGE POINT.

As Nick mechanically munched his way through a large over-buttered popcorn bag and I slurped the Sprite and darted my eyes away from the screen every 10 minutes to avoid a massive headache, Dennis Quaid [WARNING: SPOILER IN THE NEXT FEW WORDS] comes up huge in the end, of course.

Another wonderfully overpriced Hollywood blockbuster.

Factora-Borchers and Borchers give this 2 thumbs pointing sideways. It scores a B- for originality, overall guessing game, and relevance to current events and political climate. Recommendation: worth a ticket at the discount movie theater or DVD rental in 9 months.