Settling Again

Nick and I made it back to Boston. With delays.

We’re enjoying a work-free, class-free, student-free weekend and we’re loving it. Little bit of TBS movies and soup, lounging, and light cleaning studded our first Saturday back in Boston. We’re also on a two-a-day workout regime. In hopes of melting off our Massillon/Russia/Cincinnati blubber, we’re hitting the gym twice a day for a while to get back into shape. Other than that, we’re still unpacking and waiting to hear more about Kelly and Tim’s wedding decisions.

Every few hours, Nick explodes with a new number in his countdown toward the BCS national championship game. Tressel and Miles are now household names as we brace ourselves for a tense and nail-biting game. Until then, we’re still debating our 2008 goals (08 is oh-great), how long our two-a-days will last, how awesome Big Fun will be, and how the Buckeyes will resurrect against the Lions.

Oh, by the way, all must be aware that Big Fun is a term I coined about three years ago when I began thinking about how fun their wedding would be and so I casually began using the term, much to Nick’s amusement.

And so, for the future and for clarity, Big Fun will be frequently referenced in the upcoming months.

Big Fun in 08!