Nick’s Going Deaf

Nick’s right ear has problems.

For the past few years, it has rung more than Sunday church bells and gives him annoying headaches that require zoning out in front of the TV, which happens to be the #1 life pet peeve of mine. ?I hate 90% of television.
I try not to be an annoying wife. ?I never say anything about his white holey socks or astronaut shoes. ?I think he looks great in those shirts he’s worn since 1992. ?I participate in sporting events, learned how to play poker (albeit, with a cheat sheet), have decreased shopping trips and never drag him along unless it’s absolutely necessary.
However, with concern to his hearing, ?I have been nagging him like a horse. ?This last episode where his ear was ringing like a schoolbell, I yelled at him to get to the damn ear doctor before he goes deaf and can’t hear me anymore. ?He consistently argues this is fine with him and will just wander around in his own world. ?UNACCEPTABLE.
The thought of how much work it will take when I’m 89 and will have to hobble around to his left ear so I can blast my latest thought into his noggin motivates me to get him to the doctor NOW.
He makes an appointment.
Basically, the words internal pressure, balance, fluid, and inevitability were used doctor to explain why he inserted a new tube in Nick’s ear that will help drain whatever needs to be drained. ?A small sliver was cut into his eardrum to support the new tube, but otherwise it’s a relatively uncomplicated process. ?I was impressed with the simple procedure because he had a tube put in about 3 years ago and was entirely put out for surgery. ?When I came to get him post-surgery, they warned me he might be “a little off.”
His behavior was indeed “a little off” after surgery. ?Nick was flirting with the 60 year old lady nurses and laughing his head off. ?He kept saying, “HI BABE! ?WHAT’S HAPPENING?” about 9 times in 10 minutes and picking at his hospital gown. ?The nurses loved him. ?I had a headache.
So, now that the procedure is done, I am grateful for two things:
1) Nick’s hearing is preserved (for now)
2) I didn’t have to live through the nurse flirting again