Bring on the Fire

Nick and I have been married for 2.5 years. ?In that time frame, I’ve begun to forget the rage and hectic stress that came with planning a wedding. ?As Kelly, Nick’s sister, is now engaged, we are often talking about our own experiences with vendors, catering, DJs, space, money, photography, guest lists, flowers, music, ceremony, dress, priest, gifts, time, programs, court, rehearsal, readings, petitions, aisle runners, hair cuts, honeymoon…you get the idea.

As I told Nick last night, I am “reliving the fury.” ?It’s absolutely appalling at how much CRAP you have to do to get married. ?It’s insane! ?I joined The Knot when I was newly engaged. ?The Knot is a site for planning the big day and it has more tips and buttons on that thing than anything else on the internet. ?Brides from all over go on that thing, ask each other questions, compare rates for vendors, and gather ideas for themselves. ?To get an account, you must have an ID.
Mine was FieryBride27.
Whenever I am reliving the fury, Nick nods in agreement but then punches, “FieryBride’s back!”
This FieryBride is definitely fired up for Big Fun, but hope that all of our friends out there who are planning this special sacrament are able to really step back and ENJOY the sacrament, the sanctity of your love.
So for Bella and Anderson, Megs and Dave, Kerri and Chris, Tom and Vanessa, Geri and Jim, Greg and Maura, and of course Tim and Kelly – we are keeping you guys in our prayers as your special day inches closer and closer.
Contact FieryBride 27 with any questions!