Boston Undies

Keith is in town.

As he is now Mr. Audit for Macy’s, Keith has spent the weekend with us here in Beantown. Knowing that Keith’s been up here a few times before, we knew that entertaining wouldn’t be difficult. A few bars and good eats provided a fitting backdrop as we got to spend some quality time catching up.

On Saturday afternoon, Nick, Keith, and I went into Harvard Square for the afternoon. After a nice lunch at Au Bon Pan, Nick and Keith headed off to explore and I went to explore the sales at some of my favorite retail places. We met up at the great bar of John Harvard’s Brewery and I saw Nick’s shoulders sag with relief when he saw me return with empty hands. No shopping bags means thicker wallet in butt pocket.

We headed back home and walked to the T stop (Boston’s public train station) and amidst our chatting, I noticed an odd site. I shook my head thinking I saw it wrong. I looked again and I could have sworn I saw a few men with jackets and ties, but no pants – only boxers. Nick and Keith were engaged in conversation and I peaked around them to get another look. A few more people appeared in their underwear and before I knew it the train pulled up and Nick was pushing me along to get on the train.

Nick and Keith looked dumbfounded as Fox news and police officers were on the train with us. Cameramen were interviewing common T riders asking how they felt about riding the T with others in their underwear. It was then I looked beside me and saw a man, mostly normally dresssed in a nice suit, except for no pants. He was wearing boxers. Nonchalantly, he read the newspaper and Keith was swiping glances out of the corner of his eye while he did the infamous silent shoulder-shaking Keith laugh.

I looked around and saw a number of police officers just ensuring that nothing too outrageous occured.

Nothing outrageous?

Fox news, police officers, and people running around in their underwear on the T was just another funny day in Boston. As it turns out, it was just an organized harmless prank of over 500 individuals to get people smiling and laughing. 무료 바카라 게임Click here for the full story.

As we contemplated whether to drop our own pants or not, Nick, Keith and I could barely contain our laughter when we overheard a police officer say, “Yeah, did you see that one guy’s boxers? The Rubix Cube ones? He must be an engineer or something.”