Winter Arrives

While there are 12 days until Christmas, you wouldn’t know it in our lives because school and work has consumed our lives. ?Nick had his last day of class today and instead of celebrating, he is a hermit trying to finish 3 25pg papers. ?That leaves me to find my own entertainment.

My job’s been keeping me pretty busy so I haven’t had much time to be lonely this week. ?We fly out next Friday.
As we speak, we are getting plummeted by our first snow storm. ?The roads are killer and traffic is a nightmare. ?Luckily, I am three floors away from my job and Nick’s commuting is done until next semester. ?While I can gripe for hours about the pains of my job, for days like today, it’s wonderful to have a live-in position where I don’t have to battle the roads.
Our apartment yields pretty park views as it blankets itself in white and our holiday decorations are out. ?So while we’re too busy to shop, we’re definitely surrounding ourselves in the Advent season.
We can’t wait to come home for the holidays.